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Socket control - the idea

ArduinoPosted by Wed, March 02, 2016 15:28:47
I have an idea. I would like to control x amount of radio controlled 433 mhz power outlets via a nice looking web interface. For hardware I would like to use an ESP8266 programmed via the Arduino IDE. I'm thinking that this will be controlled by a php webpage and that I might store some information in a mySql database. Shouldn't be a problem right? I'm not a programmer or electrical engineer. I normal work with logistics :-) So I will learn as I go during this project.

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Posted by Steve Thu, May 18, 2017 01:41:14

Nice to find your site as I am doing the same. I have made a lot of progress with arduino controlled by PHP from HTML with javascript, and that's fine (see other comment about feedback). The arduino updates a MySQL database with temperature (in, out, roof). daylight, wind speed and direction, as well as monitoring an HX2262 multiplexed input from 12 sensors (door-switches etc). On the output side I use a MCP23017 port expander on arduino to drive up to 16 relays that operate electric gates, garage doors etc and an irrigation system. Due to codespace limitations I am using two arduino uno (atmega 328pu) one as the output and the other as the input. For your interest, I found that old washing machines, dishwashers etc have perfect relay boards inside - fully engineered with safety and logic level control to drive up to 16 amps at 230 VAC - just plug and play as the electrical engineering is already done for you. They generally use a ULM2008 or similar to drive the relays from micro level outputs!