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Make it happen

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Home automationPosted by Thu, March 10, 2016 09:23:21
Alright.. now we have working buttons for light and plant monitoring in the dashboard.. let's move on to the next button: Power

The idea here is to read my house current power consumption. I plan to do this by reading the little blinky led on the power meter. This led blinks with different speed depending on power consumption. My meter will blink 10.000 blinks/Kwh

I plan to use a light-to-volatage sensor to be able to translate the blinks to a input signal for my ESP8266. When I have the number of blinks in the ESP, I will send them to the webserver similar to the Plant example.

Easy peacy.. right?

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Posted by Eric Thu, March 10, 2016 11:27:22

Nice.. looking forward to follow this build.